Fragrant Wood Body Massage Tool



1. Made of high quality Vietnamese fragrant wood, it is safe, environmentally friendly and harmless.
2. Ideal for head or foot massage, reduce belly size, lose weight and other uses.
3. This acupuncture therapy can regulate microcirculation, improve the body's motor function and eliminate excess fat deposition.
4. Relieve local heat or nervous tension, relax muscles and stimulate blood flow to help relieve pain and fatigue caused by blood flow factors.
5. Relax burlap inflammation, sciatica, headache, arthritis, premenstrual syndrome and other similar symptoms.
6. Suitable for direct use on head, shoulders, face and other body parts.
Application: Body
Material: Sandalwood
Options: Triangle Sparrow, massage dog, cross type, Y type, gourd stick, square piece, half scraping 3, hexagonal type, face scraping, leaf type, finger knife type, fish type, S type, Triangle single opening
Function: ideal for headache, long-term use of computers, mobile phones or other equipment, nervous nerves, circulation blockage, shoulder, waist or neck pain or stiffness, insomnia, poor immunity, listless
Package content:
1 x massager tools

999 Items

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