Massage Stick



1, More effective, less painful, general purpose.
2, The choice of many beauty salons.
3, Wide coverage, can scrape all the back at a time.
4, The groove bending amplitude is more suitable for the human body curve.
5, Special concave and convex design, concave health, convex out.
6, One side guasha,one side massage,2 in 1.
Type: Guasha stick
Color:CarbonizedWood color
Size: Approx.53cm
Due to workmanship, there may be a 1-3CM error in the length of this product, please note
Material: 100% natural wood
Quantity: 1 pcs
1) For the back:  First use the concave surface from top to bottom, each time in the same direction. Then use the convex surface to scrape the spine.
2) For the abdomen:  Take the navel as the center, massage from top to bottom, the intensity is even, do not have to use too much force, ruddy is very good. Generally adhere to three days to a week, constipation can be improved.
3) For the legs:  Starting from the knee, down, only in the same direction each time (if there are varicose veins or edema in the lower extremities, you must go from bottom to top to improve blood circulation)
4) For the shoulder and neck:  From top to bottom, the action frequency should be slow and consistent, not too fast, the force should not be too heavy. The gentle movement can help the flow of lymph, relieve the lack of blood supply to the head, shoulder and neck obstruction, etc. problem.
Every place is 3-5 minutes.

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